An Appliance Protection Plan That Removes Unnecessary Risk

Service Protection Advantage® appliance protection plan restores peace of mind and reduces costs associated with unexpected repairs and service calls. Homeowners rely on appliance service plans to protect their pocketbook when it comes to appliance repairs. Servicing an appliance just once can easily surpass what it costs to invest in an entire year of Service Protection Advantage coverage. This makes it a no-brainer for homeowners who want a simple, failsafe, and affordable, option to protect their investment.


Service Protection Advantage covers:

  • All functional parts and labor costs in the event of a covered failure.

  • Transferable coverage.

  • Covers major appliances up to 15 years old
    (renewals up to 20 years old).

  • Covers major electronics up to 10 years old.

  • Up to $100 food spoilage protection for your refrigerator or freezer, over the life of the plan.


Service Protection Advantage doesn't cover:

  • Consumer abuse or acts of God.

  • Consumable items such as batteries, bulbs, etc.

  • Cosmetic damage.

  • Products used for commercial purposes.

  • Damages due to power surges.

See service plan terms and conditions for a complete list of exclusions.

Please note: your appliance must be in operating condition to qualify for coverage.

Home Insurance vs. An Appliance Protection Plan

Many homeowners incorrectly assume that their homeowners insurance policy will cover the repair or replacement of their appliance due to functional part failures. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance policies cover damage to the home and belongings as a result of certain natural disasters, vandalism, theft and other listed perils. While homeowners insurance is important (and often mandatory), it is not a failsafe for other mishaps that can happen within a home, such as an appliance breaking down after its initial warranty period.